Are you passionate about the outdoors, about skiing or snowboarding, about the psychology behind adrenaline sports, about apres ski, gender in the ski industry, athletes, competition and more?

So are we.

We’d love to read, hear or see what you have to say in a feature article, video or podcast.

Here’s how you can work with us as a contributor.

We pay for guest blog posts. On a proviso.

We value experience and also value nurturing those who want to get that experience.

If you’re already established with your byline in numerous well known publications and some real journalism under your belt then we’ll pay for your work as a contributor.

If you’re just starting out or had a few things published in lesser known publishing houses and want to get your byline published here then we can help you out. We’ll give you the experience you want, hopefully guide you in editing and then, after you’ve been published with us a few times and our readers respond to your content, we’ll start paying for your experience.

Ok, you won’t be able to buy a Maserati but you will be able to shout your friends a round of beers, depending on how many real friends you have.

Give us a shout and pitch some story ideas that are winter inspired. We consider all pitches and respond to every one. But please, no ‘just pick me to write for you’ emails. Ensure you send through what (topic, angle) you want to write, blog, video, podcast about.



Do you have a blog?

If you already have a blog that you are developing and looking to build a bigger audience then we’d be happy to republish selected posts on ours to help you build that audience. We’ll give you a link to your original blog post plus your social media accounts. Feel free to reach out and show us the blogs you want us to repost.