The Aussie Olympic base layer that may stir the Kiwis

XTM reveal the full base layer kit for our Aussie Winter Olympic team and there’s one item that may cause a Tasman war (ha!).

Check out this super cool onesie made from 100% Merino to keep our team warm in the South Korean cold. Not only do I want to jump into one myself, right now and wear it with my uggs in front of a Netflix binge but the XTM athlete’s uniforms are 100% offset with carbon credits. Hellooo, chill out, look rockstar good and help save the world. I’m down with that.

Thank you XTM.  Thank you.

But here’s the thing. It’s a onesie and it’s black. The kiwis like to think they invented black. Ever been skiing in New Zealand? Look up from the base lodge deck and see all the skiing trees making their way down. Yes, black is the nation’s colour of choice.

Mons Royale are the New Zealand team base layer provider. They also specialize in Merino and they do love their onesies. But to be fair they didn’t event the onesie, though they call it the monsie (get it). But they do love black with a dedicated Black Snow line to raise funds for their New Zealand snowsports athlete development and yes, they had a team onesie last Winter Olympics.

But hey if we can claim Crowded House, Russell Crowe and pavlova, then, you know where I’m going.

In truth the onesie resurgence was really thanks to the Scandinavians and their Onepiece Brand and a few celebrities along the way. Did someone say Kardashian?

XTM Founder, Pete Forras is well-versed in the athlete’s world, an Australian Olympian himself having competed in downhill and downhill combined in the 1988 Games in Calgary. He knows the athletes will be excited to get their hands on their uniform and even more so now, because, onesie.

“I remember how special it is to get your hands on the uniform for the first time and its awesome to be able to share that with them” said Forras.

World #2 Aerial skier, Dani Scott, is also pretty pumped. I would be too, because, again, onesie.

“The team are going to be stoked to be wearing that Merino onesie when they hit the ground in February, and it’s good to know there is the intention of doing the right thing by the planet built into our gear. It’s a simple, but really important thing that we can do so that is great,” said Scott.

In addition to consulting with the athletes on the uniform pieces they have put together for the whole team, XTM also works closely with team members to create new products for them. Chumpy Pullin’s got a great new glove, “the ACP” – also favoured by fellow Snowboard Cross team members including Belle Brockhoff – that has a Kevlar backing in the back of the palm for protection in the event of a bad fall. The speed guys and biathlon cross countries will be wearing a brand-new glove at the Games as well.

Medal hopefuls, Aerial Skier Dave Morris and Mogul Skier Britt Cox also work closely with Forras and his team. Morris will be rocking XTM’s new Fable glove at the Games, while Cox favours XTM’s white leather Platinum glove as her chosen glove for competitions.

“This team has got the lot – with World Championships winners, promising newcomers and some great comeback stories. We had 40 podiums last year so that’s 40 times Australian athletes have been on the podium over a range of sports on the world stage at the highest level of competition,” said Forras.

I’m just hoping for an Aussie, Kiwi, one two on the podium and that they both choose to wear their onesies.

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