Cue the mania over ALDI’s annual Special Buys snow sale with more frenzy than a Taylor Swift album drop and queues a plenty outside winter doors come May.

Hold your horses, we don’t have a Special Buys date…yet. Scratch that, just in, May 18.

But Aldi did post a teaser on their social media, so we know that it is coming.

Cue also an inbox of messages accusing us of being paid to write this piece, every year. Again, we’re not, though we’re pretty sure the discount supermarket chain could afford to at least throw us some mullah for our efforts. Enquire within should you work at HQ. Just saying.

BUT, who am I not to ponder what Aussies will be fighting over in that middle aisle this year. I mean, the ALDI gear designs are locked in a vault deep in some mega mansion built on Special Buy dollars no doubt using anything but no-name brand bricks.

What we do have is the ALDI range that was released in the northern hemisphere in the UK last November before the 23/24 season.

And all we have of that is, well, this from the catalogue. Could it be what we’ll be seeing in the store?

And these base layer styles.

And this, also from catalogue.

And those amazing onesies in the feature image? They’re not for the southern crew, made purely for Christmas winters in cold climates north of the equator. I feel we should be demanding them, though, don’t you?

For now we’ll just keep guessing as to what to expect come May 18. Watch this space.

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