Imagine if you could improve your skiing from the comfort of your own home. You could even do it while sipping a flat white in a cafe or taking the train to work without paying the cost of a full day private instruction plus lift pass.

What if I then told you that you’d have direct access to some of the world’s best ski instructors at the touch of your smart phone button?

Ski HQ is a new online ski coaching service founded by three of Australia’s top ski instructors and the coaches that coach the coaches.

Thredbo’s Tim Robertson comes with some serious credentials. He’s an APSI Level 4 ski instructor and trainer/examiner, a three time APSI National Team member and has 43 years of teaching experience.

His son Sam is a World Championships alpine competitor for Australia and Level 3 instructor and the third member of the coaching team is Ryan Kerr, an APSI Level 4 instructor and trainer/examiner and physiotherapist.

“We teach all our clients online globally via simple, fast and easy to understand video analysis,” says Sam who’s even hilariously coached Kim Kardashian. 

Photo credit: SkiHQ

How does it work

When you’re next on the slopes, you ask your friend, spouse, children (anyone) to take a video of you on your phone. You might already have one.

Then book a live zoom session with Ski HQ and they will analyse your skiing with you and how you can improve and next steps. You can then send follow up videos through the coaching app to assess your progress. You’ll have feedback returned from the next chairlift ride to a few hours later depending on your timezone.

They’ve been posting their sessions on Instagram to demonstrate how it will work should you sign up and the reels are going viral with numbers 20 x their following.

Analysis sessions are limited each month and applicants currently receive a free lesson to start. Then it’s USD$99 for a 30 minute Zoom and two follow up analysis or USD$150 for a one hour Zoom and two follow up analysis.

The SkiHQ Performance Program is also being developed for those wanting longer term coaching from two months to a year. You’ll get unlimited video feedback, can chat to the boys any time via the app, take advantage of regular zoom sessions for live coaching and be given a custom off-season training program. Clients can apply via application online.

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