Australia punches way above its weight on the international ski and snowboard competition circuit. We’re constantly on the FIS World Cup podium for freestyle events, moguls, halfpipe, slopestyle, boardercross and the like.
But when it comes to big mountain freeride events, not so much. Aussie snowboarder Michaela Davis-Meehan did us proud in recent years on the Freeride World Tour podium and we’ve had other athletes competing over the years.
However the opportunity to learn, progress and get noticed by sponsors has been more about heading overseas to train than staying home.
Aussie filmmaker Lachy Pfitzner and big mountain skier Billy Lloyd-Blainey want to change that and create a movement to bring a Freeride World Tour event of any capacity or level (Freeride World Tour, Freeride World Tour Qualifier or Freeride World Tour junior) down under to Australia.
“We want to give young Aussie athletes a safe space to hone their skills in the epic backcountry and side country terrain that Australia has to offer,” explains Pfitzner.
“Without having to travel overseas to progress and get noticed by sponsors.”
Pfitzner’s film production company, First Fall Films, teamed up with Australian professional skiers and snowboarders Jack Daskey, Briony Johnston, Billy Lloyd Blainey and Michaela Davis-Meehan who all shared the same vision – bringing that Freeride World Tour event to Aussie soil to give athletes the proper exposure that they deserve.
To start the conversation, cinematographer Sam Levings worked alongside Pfitzner to create UNTOUCHED: The Australian Freeride Story. 
You can watch the short film here ↓