Study reveals which Aussie city is the most snow obsessed (and more)

hotham piste
Hotham Alpine Resort in July, 2019. Photo credit: Hotham

When it comes to snowsports, which Aussie city is the most obsessed? You’ll be surprised by the results from a study conducted by ski resort job platform Snow Season Central.

The study explores the online Google search trends for more than 4,000 ski-related keywords has helped rank Australia’s most snowsports passionate cities and identify other Australian snowsports trends.

Using Google Data (Keyword Planner) for the full month of July 2023, a seed set of keywords was used to general a full list of 4,337 keywords covering a broad cross-section of snowsports relevant from ski resorts, brands, athletes and products.

This keyword list and associates search volume was then segmented against each of the cities through targeting in the Google platform. The 20 cities’ population was sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, using the estimated resident population for 2022.

The top snow-obsessed cities in Australia

More than 560,000 snowsports related searches were conducted by Melbourne in a single month.

  1. Melbourne, VIC
  2. Canberra, ACT
  3. Ballarat, VIC
  4. Sydney, NSW
  5. Geelong, VIC
  6. Wollongong, NSW
  7. Adelaide, SA
  8. Toowoomba, QLD
  9. Newcastle, NSW
  10. Brisbane, QLD

Skiers vs. snowboarders : Which is more popular?

At a national-level, 59% of searches were related to snowboarding terms, compared to only 41% for skiing. Toowoomba bucked the national trend, with 58% of terms relating to skiers, while Newcastle recorded only 34% of searches against ski-related terms, and a huge 66% for snowboard terms.

Which ski resorts are searched the most this season?

  1. Mount Buller, VIC
  2. Perisher, NSW
  3. Falls Creek, VIC
  4. Mount Hotham, VIC
  5. Thredbo, NSW
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