Picture this. You’re in remote outback Western Australia, white water rafting with new found friends, you’ve settled in to bed down for the night, it’s after dark and you feel something on your toe. It’s fleeting, but sharp and you know it’s not good.

You’re two and a half hours helicopter flight from civilisation and any decent medical services and you have to wait twelve hours for rescue come daylight. You know it’s a snake bite but you don’t know what kind of snake, but given the location it’s most likely deadly (you’re right).

Now you have to dig deep into every mental resource you have in the hope your mind can overcome the physical demise from the potent brown mulga toxin now entering your body.

This is the story of Alex Parson’s brush with mortality and how she survived the most challenging night of her life.

The backcountry guide, snowboard instructor and writer talks publicly for the first time about her ordeal with SnowsBest on our podcast.

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