There are ski and snowboarder instructor jobs and then there are Club Med ski and snowboard instructors who get treated like the rockstars they are, with some of the best career perks in the snow business.

So if you’ve passed your level one, two or higher instructor exams and are looking for the best season of your instructing life then we’ve got a gig with your name on it. You could be schussing the slopes of Japan or China with guests from around the world.

If the idea of global travel doesn’t get you then here are seven reasons why applying for an instructor role with Club Med this season could be the best decision of your life.

Paid to live your best life

Club Med ski and snowboard instructors are part of the Club Med family and are encouraged to socialise and party and mingle with guests nightly. Yes, encouraged!

Team members are referred to as GOs or “gentil organisateur” (that’s French for cool job) and guests are known as GMs or “gentil membres” and the GOs make sure the GMs are having a great time, while having a great time themselves.

Dine like royalty

If you’ve been to a Club Med ski village then you know how good the food is. Seriously good. You’ll be fed daily, three meals a day and then some. Not just any food either, food from around the world inspired by Japan, China, Italy, Spain, USA and the like.

Plus drinks are included and you get to eat in the restaurant, not in a staff canteen. See, rockstar.

Sleep over

Staff accommodation is included in the gig so you’ll be toasty warm in your own lush bed. 

Pow pow pow

Imagine being paid to do what you love – skiing and snowboarding. Hit up the powder snow of Japan at Tomamu or Sahoro or cruise the uncrowded slopes of Yabuli or Beidahu. Did we mention all four resorts are ski in ski out and your lift passes for the season are included?

The people

The best part of Club Med is the people. Sure, the food, the drinks, the parties, the skiing and snowboarding are all fantastic but the people are what make a Club Med experience as a GM (guest) or GO (Club Med team member including instructors).

You’ll meet people from all around the world and make friends for life.


Once you’ve done one Club Med season you will be hooked. The beauty is Club Med have ski villages across Europe, Canada, Japan and China so you’ll be able to expand your horizons even further. The team at Club Med even assist you with visa approvals.

What you need to apply

Passion. Passion for people, for snow, for providing the best holiday for your guests while having the best season of your life.

You must have an Australian or or International Ski Instructor Qualification and be eligible for Japanese WHV or for sponsorship (you’ll be provided details upon application).

How to apply

Email the team at Club Med Australia. 

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