Charlotte Pass has given an operational update to the 2024 ski season after the fire that damaged the resort’s sewerage plant last Friday.

The sewage treatment is still offline and the village is unable to process wastewater from taps, showers or toilets.

The village remains closed to the public.

Fire at Charlotte Pass sewage plant threatens the 2024 ski season

Resort management update

The Charlotte Pass team have met with representatives of the National Parks and Wildlife Service, Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Planning, Housing & Infrastructure to consider next steps.

Under discussion, in order to operate for the snow season, are temporary services including a temporary package sewerage treatment for the snow season and whether effluent can be trucked off-site and processed at an alternate facility.

The remote and unique alpine region that Charlotte Pass is located in does present numerous challenges for any of these solutions, especially during a snow laden winter. Upholding the sensitive alpine environment is of utmost importance.

The resort will issue another update this Friday.

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