North America’s largest ski conglomerates have joined forces to create a Climate Collaborative Charter, a unified effort to combat climate change with shared commitments around sustainability and advocacy.

The four industry leaders launched the charter this week, agreeing to operate their respective resorts with sustainability at the forefront and use their collective voice to advocate for effective public policy on climate action.

All four companies, who together manage 71 North American resorts, revealed in a press release today that they wish to leave a positive legacy for future generations of skiers, snowboarders and outdoor enthusiasts in the hope it will translate to further implementation of sustainable practices.

The commitments and pledges made include commitments to reduce energy use wherever possible and aggressively pursue renewable energy sources to be carbon neutral; climate action and advocacy for effective public policy to accelerate the shift to a renewable energy economy and strong efforts and goals to reduce waste.

“We are very proud to be a part of this historic action and to co-create the industry’s first Climate Collaborative Charter,” said David Perry, Executive VP, ESG, Alterra Mountain Company.

“This is an incredible opportunity for industry leaders to engage in healthy competition while educating, sharing best practices and knowledge, and motivating each other to put our best efforts forth to help support the urgent and core issues of sustainability.”

They all commit to being responsible stewards of the environment – the land, forests, watersheds, and habitats that provide the pristine locations where they live, work and host guests; to share best practices to accelerate change in their respective companies and communities and to support the National Ski Areas Association’s Sustainable Slopes platform.

The outdoor corporations consider themselves stewards of the environment and pledge to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of their owned and operated mountain resorts; lead by example and educate employees and guests about sustainability and place collaboration over competition when it comes to sustainability.

“It is through bold environmental commitments and ongoing collaboration that we will have the most impact on protecting and preserving the great outdoors,” said Kate Wilson, senior director of sustainability at Vail Resorts.

“We announced Commitment to Zero in 2017, our goal to achieve a zero net operating footprint by 2030 across all our 37 resorts, and we are proud to have already made substantial progress toward that goal. Now, through the Climate Collaborative Charter, we look forward to partnering with these passionate leaders, and the entire industry, to leverage our progress and support many others on the same journey.”

The Climate Collaborative Charter

The four largest ski resort companies in North America agree, when it comes to our rapidly changing climate, that we have a shared responsibility to take a strong stance on the core issues of sustainability. Although we are competitors in business, we acknowledge that what we have in common is even more essential when it comes to combating climate change.

Climate change is the most critical issue we face as business leaders and as citizens of this continent and inhabitants of Earth. The dramatic rise in greenhouse gasses that is disrupting our planetary system and threatening our way of life is primarily human-caused and needs urgent attention by all affected. As mountain resort companies, we appreciate that we are extremely fortunate to live, work and play in beautiful pristine natural environments and that we have a deep responsibility to our employees, our communities, and the millions of guests that visit us each year to maintain that environment.

The scientific evidence and first-hand observations of change resulting from weather extremes and volatility is clear and true. The impacts to the forests, habitats, and ecosystems is dramatic, and just the beginning of the problem we all face on a planetary scale.

We must do everything in our power to leave a positive legacy for future generations, and to operate and manage our mountain resorts with a commitment to protecting and preserving our environment.

Read the full charter here. 

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