When it comes to skiing, there’s no piece of equipment more important than what you wear on your feet

A properly fitted boot will enhance performance, increase comfort, and keep you warmer for longer.

An off the shelf boot only goes so far.

Enter the world of custom boot fitting. This simple yet effective secret-ingredient is sure to change your skiing, in a good way.

Improved Performance

With a custom fit you’ll experience enhanced control, improved balance and a greater connection to your skis or snowboard. Every turn becomes more precise, every movement more fluid.

Increased Comfort

You’ll be riding first to last chair with ease. For those with niggling injuries, suffer no more. A professionally custom-fit boot with a ski-specific podiatrist can help ease that pain.

Extra warmth

You don’t need to accept that cold toes are just a part of the sport. Investing in a custom boot and liner will keep you warmer thanks to better foam and improved blood circulation.

But when it comes to custom boot fitters, not all are created equal.

at the forefront of the industry, you’ll find Ortho Ski.

Based in Melbourne and on-mountain at Falls Creek and Mt Buller, and made up of skilled professionals including ski podiatrists, the crew at Ortho Ski assess your unique biomechanics, foot shape and specific requirements to ensure a fit that is made for you, and only you. Plus, with the largest collection of boot liners in Australia, you’re guaranteed the perfect fit.

Every client is reviewed by a ski podiatrist which means the assessment and ski orthotics can be claimed on private health cover.

It’s a win for your feet and your wallet.

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Fancy custom made ski boots? Reach out to the team at Ortho Ski.

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