Kids that rip

This guy is 14, he is also the first Kiwi and the youngest person in the world to land a triple cork 1440! And he did it at Cardrona on the Big Air jump set up for the Jossi Wells Invitational. Who is this guy? Nico Porteous, that's who. Footage by Tommy Pryatt.

Awww bless, 7 year old Toby has done a 'season edit'...

Check out Toby. Toby is seven! He rips. His hero is Russ Henshaw. Candide Thovex is up there too. Watch this and you'll see why as he mimics his heroes. Happy Father's Day to Toby's dad, David.

7 year old Toby McIlwaine describes how to pond skim

Last week we introduced you to that 7 year old kid, Toby, that skis better than you do. Well, turns out he snowboards too....

Remember 9 year old Oskar Schulz, the kid that skis better than you do? Well, he's 11 now and he still skis WAY better than you do. #thiskid

This is Oskar Schulz. He is 9. He is also in Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado. Lucky Oskar.

Wowsers!! Some 18 year old just landed the world's first switch quad 1620 at Cardrona! Oh, his last name is Wells... Wacko Wells aka Jackson.

Do you love going for a ski through the kids adventure forests in ski resorts? I followed May Lilley through the Adventure Zone Magic Forest at Vail today with my iPhone and captured this.

10 year old Aussie ski grom Oskar Schulz is still skiing better than you do. Check out his training edit from Breckenridge.