Seriously, this must be the bargain of the Japan ski industry century. Nona ski lodge in Madarao ski resort in Honshu is for sale for a song.

How much is a song these days? Just over half a million Aussie dollars.

The median price of an apartment in Brisbane is $570,000 and this 10 bedroom lodge a mere 500m from the Madarao Kogen ski lifts is ¥52,000,000 – that’s AUD$530,000 (on today’s exchange rate).

Run, run to the bank. Nona lodge sits on 1496 square metres of land, has 14 bedrooms (11 guest rooms), a lounge, dining area, bathrooms and more. It was constructed in 1975 with an additional fully self contained “owners building” added to the back in 1985.

Should you choose to invest in Madarao then please promise us you’ll keep this pink bedroom as is. I mean, that wallpaper, it would be sacrilege to remove it, if you do, send it my way.

Nona Lodge hasn’t operated as a lodge since 2020 but is in good working order and has been meticulously maintained by the Japanese owners who have continued to live on premises.

Oh, you can just feel the potential of this lodge with it’s lovely quaint facade and spacious rooms.

Madarao has some big infrastructure investments coming up with new Singapore owners of the resort and chairlifts. There are plans for village improvements and you’ll be supported by other Aussie lodge owners who have already invested in the area and love to call Madarao Kogen home.

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