No one wants the middle seat, literally, no one when on an airplane. There is just no positives to it.

Wrestle with the folk on either side for the arm rest, have one person climb over you to get to the loo, then you have to climb over someone to get their too. Fall asleep and you might wake having fallen onto the shoulder of a stranger on the left or right of you.

It’s all just so uncomfortable.

There’s good news on the horizon for those stuck with the middle dregs of the plane. That middle seat may become the coveted seat thanks to a new FAA approved design that gives the piggy in the middle more elbow room and a wider seat.

Molon Labe Seating in Lakewood, Colorado (founded by Australian Hank Scott) have designed a new S1 Space Seat. It’s such a simple solution you’ll wonder why no one has done it before.

They’ve taken the middles seat and dropped it a few inches down then placed it slightly behind the seats on either side. The best part is this simple staggered solution gives the middle seat an extra 7.5cms width (3 inches) and more shoulder room.

The armrests have got a makeover too. Those in the middle use the back of the arm rest, those on either side use the front. No more elbow wars. 

The seat also boasts a USB port and table plus a device holder and there’s an optional addition for airlines wanting swift boarding. The aisle seat can be designed to slip over the middle seat, this means the aisle then widens while everyone boards. Genius.

Word is that these seats will be installed on some domestic airlines within the USA by the end of this year and that there’s an S2 design being developed for long haul flights. 

Watch this space.

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