The New South Wales state government officially announced today that regional travel restrictions will be lifted from June 1, meaning residents are free to travel for whatever reasons within their own state and that our state borders are open.

The good news for skiers and snowboarders is what happened next. A press release on John Barilaro’s twitter account.

“I’m very pleased to share that this means we will have a ski season this year, however holidaymakers should be aware that ski resorts will likely need time to put COVID plans into place and you should contact before visiting” said Barilaro in the government release. 

The Deputy Premier also revealed during the State Premier’s press conference that “We are still working with the resorts, the ski season most likely won’t open by the long weekend but, working with the resorts, we are confident we can put into place the protocols and measures to protect people so they can enjoy a winter holiday in the mountains.”

Word on the street is the resorts could open in time for the New South Wales school holidays in July, or even as early as the end of June. How they plan to operate with COVID safe protocols is yet to be revealed, but is most likely to be in a reduced capacity to start.

They now, however, have government travel approval. What comes next will be gatherings, social distancing and hygiene protocols. 

The ski industry didn’t get any advance notice of the announcement this morning, however Australian Ski Areas Association CEO Colin Hackworth said today that “what the announcement does give us is clarity so that the New South Wales resorts can now actively put their operation plans together to ensure to operate in a safe and compliant manner.”

We have reached out to the individual New South Wales resorts for comment.

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