We’re in the middle of a blizzard and the snow world has been drinking too many energy drinks, frothing on social, screaming they are there (woohoo) or screaming in frustration that they are not there (grrrrr).

Some say it’s the biggest storm in 50 years but I swear I heard that last year and the year before and then a few years before that – 50 years or not this blizzard is BIG.

How big? Thredbo called 60 centimeters overnight and 77 centimetres in 24 hours at 7.30 this morning. At the same time yet another 50 centimetres was forecast over the next three days. By close of lifts today the resort was saying 97 centimetres in 48 hours. 

Do the math and well, guess that talk of over a metre actually came to fruition this time (let’s not mention the last storm in July it will only make others cry tears as wet as the snow was).

Meanwhile poor old Perisher who are clearly also under mountains and mountains of snow if the photos posted on social are anything to go by had to report a mere 10 centimetres overnight.

Why? Because they set up a specific snow stake for the storm so skiers and boarders could win prizes but the wind blew that half a metre plus of snow in the other direction. Trust us, despite the figures they, too, are under wind blown snow seige. We know, because we’ve seen all the pictures (see below).

The Victorian resorts got the first day of the storm before it hit New South Wales and they scored big with over 60 centimetres in the first 48 hours. They, too, have also been dumped on all day so tomorrow’s storm totals will be big come morning.

Though with all this snow comes hazards. There was a slide at Hotham reported yesterday and others were caught in the winds in Thredbo where lifts closed. Once the winds die down there is going to be some sensational skiing and riding in New South Wales and Victoria.

But enough of my ramblings, a picture paints a thousand snow words. We’ll let social media do something good for once and reveal the storm of the 2019 snow season. 

@didjadventurepants at Charlotte Pass spent the night grooming in a blizzard.

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The crew at Hotel Marritz in Perisher woke up to this.

The guys at Falls Creek Hotel couldn’t get in or out…

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While the resorts went skiing and snowboarding, posting a fair few powder action stills in the last two days. 

There was plenty of vehicles under snow shots. Including this video from @jogoestothesnow who did a drive by at Hotham.

These guys were late for the bus or maybe the bus was late for them?

And lattes seemed to be the measuring stick of the day.

The good news is it hasn’t stopped just yet. There is MORE SNOW on the way with up to 45 centimetres in the next three days depending which resort.

Inbound avalanche at Hotham Alpine Resort today caught on film

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