Learn from Shaun White and Torah Bright in new online course

Torah Bright for ROXY. Photo credit: ROXY

Fancy a session with Shaun White or some confidence advice from Torah Bright? Now you can access the world’s best Olympic athletes online with The Skills.

The online sports education platform brings your favourite snowboarders, tennis players, swimmers, volleyball, track and field athletes into your home. The Skills launched this week with big names Maria Sharapova and Michael Phelps already on the platform alongside White.

The theory is simple. Up to 20 sessions with your athlete of choice. Each is around 5 minutes, enough to share gems of serious wisdom to help you improve your skill set, both physical and mental.

White reveals how to select your boards, how to warm up, stance and body position, how to ride switch, how to avoid burnout and how to rise to be a pro. Add beginner, intermediate and advanced halfpipe tips and watch the talent scouts come knocking.

Torah Bright has also lent her face, name and knowledge in the Shorts series with six video sessions filmed during her pregnancy in Sydney. She reveals turning for beginners, nutrition tips, confidence and also pregnancy fitness.

Skateboarder Dashawn Jordan and snowboarder Elena Hight are also featured.

The streaming platform rates range from US$69 for one year access to one course or US$149 for unlimited access to all of them. There’s talk of another 12 courses being added in the first year including skills from NFL Pro Bowler Larry Fitzgerald.

“There is so much research into the value of sports participation at an individual level. Sports is linked to improved mental health, enhanced social skills, better physical health and success in other aspects of life,” said Omer Atesmen, founder and CEO of The Skills.

“We launched The Skills because millions of people around the world want to learn from superstar athletes, but access is often limited to rare, offline opportunities. We want to share our athletes and their knowledge and skills they’ve learned from life experiences both on and off the field.”

Each Marquee Course contains 20+ sessions and 100+ total minutes of entertaining and educational video content, while new Skills Shorts will be released every week covering topics including building confidence, leadership, mental prep, self-care, and more.

Just like having a mountain in your lounge room. Sort of.

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