You won’t believe these snow adventure pics are from Australia

Main Range New South Wales backcountry
North face of Carruthers Peak in NSW Main Range. Erryn Reeder getting air. Pic by Jake Sims.

Jake Sims and his snow loving mates, Trent Shaddock and Erryn Reeder love an Aussie backcountry adventure and are experienced riders. They’ve already hit up Australia’s Main Range backcountry last month, scoring the first turns of the season.

Now they’ve taken bikes, split boards and skins and gone on an epic backcountry adventure in terrain you won’t believe is Australia.

Next time your overseas mates say “nah, mate there’s no terrain down under” show them this.

The boys hit the road for an 8km return bike ride from Perisher in New South Wales with split boards and safety gear strapped to their backs and up to Charlotte Pass where they started touring, following the snow ploughs and then heading separately over into the Main Range.

They covered 24 kilometres of ski touring amongst peaks and ridges and couloirs that few would believe exist in Australia’s alpine regions and with snow coverage rarely seen on June 1.

What goes up must go up again and so they went, well, up.

“Snow was all time, lots of ice in places but south aspects were loaded” says Sims. “Some of the best snow I’ve ridden in the backcountry.”

Australia’s Main Range. Pic: Jake Sims

That’s some pretty epic terrain, right there.

Backcountry split boarding in the Main Range, Australia. Pic: Jake Sims

The ride back down came with its own challenges otherwise known as black ice but it just added to the sense of Aussie adventure.

Biking by head lamp. Pic: Jake Sims.

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