There’s a new e-bike in snow town that offers zero emissions and total silence.

MoonBikes’ revolutionary design features a sleek front ski and rear track, giving users the freedom of an e-bike, with the power of a motorcycle.

When combined with the ultra-quiet motor, the rider is provided with a truly unique experience that is a sustainable solution to winter exploration.

The brand was born in the French Alps and their first production run sold-out in the U.S. in under two months via its direct-to-consumer site and MoonBikes is anticipating an even higher demand next season with a price point of $8,900 USD.

Over forty ski resorts, hotels, restaurants, and rental operations across Europe have embraced MoonBikes to provide their staff and customers a smart alternative for winter travel and exploration.

The pioneering design of an ultra-light and affordable snowbike with zero emissions, MoonBikes offers the perfect alternative to the emissions, and noise pollution, caused by large snowmobiles and intends to drive the development of sustainable tourism in the mountains.

The MoonBikes snowbike is only one-third the size of the average snowmobile.

Snowmoto - when snow mobiles and motorbikes collide