Vail Resorts wrap gondolas with inclusive mountain artwork for 2023/2024

Skiers and snowboarders at Park City and Stowe will be treated to the visual delights of local mountain artists who are creating exclusive artwork for gondola cabins this winter.

The artwork celebrates inclusion within the mountain community.

Lamont Joseph White is transforming cabin #1 on Park City’s Quicksilver Gondola with his painting UPLIFTED.

“I’m hoping that there’s the joy of seeing new faces in the mountain spaces. I hope people have questions. It’s an opportunity for conversation,” says White.

“My art represents a goal,” he says. “That is the normalization of black and brown faces in ski and mountain spaces. That goal is my inspiration.”


CREATING YOUR LINE is a new piece by printmaker Jim Harris, which will turn the sit ski and wheelchair-accessible cabin of Stowe’s Mansfield Gondola into an invitation for people of all abilities to create their own lines on the mountain.

“For people with disabilities there’s a lot less opportunity to get out and have a choose-your-own-adventure connection to a place,” says Harris.

Since being paralyzed, Jim has pushed toward a remarkable recovery as a walking paraplegic able to ski again while finding new opportunities to be involved in adventure storytelling.

With CREATING YOUR LINE giving new visibility to Stowe’s accessible gondola cabin, his story continues: “Any way that we can invite some more people in, I think is a positive change.”

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