When hitting the slopes this winter, there’s an art to layering up.  Think Goldilocks: not too hot (because… sweat) and not too cold (who wants to freeze on a chairlift?). Somewhere just right, with options to mix and match depending on the weather.

icebreaker clothing have – quite literally – got your back, with cosy merino wool pieces that are not just trendy but eco-friendly.

Their range is made up of 96.14% plastic-free fibre, a stark contrast to much of the rest of the industry, which heavily features nylon and polyester fabrics. By choosing icebreaker, you’re not just layering up for the snow, you’re joining a movement toward a more sustainable, eco-friendly approach to fashion.   

Here are our top picks from their 2024 winter range, with each layer covered for your slopeside adventures.

Base layer must haves

Our pick: The Merino 260 Vertex Thermal Top

If you need a great thermal that’s not going to get a bit whiffy after your first day on the slopes, icebreaker’s Vertex is your answer.

The ultimate base layer for those chilly months, and perfect for layering up, it’s a must-have for your winter wardrobe. And because it’s created with 100% merino fibres, it keeps you toasty warm while regulating your body temperature and keeping you fresh all day.

Bonus – you don’t have to buy (or pack) a whole lot of thermals for your snow trip, because this one will do you just fine, day after day. Now that’s sustainability.

Little bonus extras include gusseted underarms for flexibility and comfort, flatlock and offset shoulder seams to prevent friction, and a drop tail hem for extra coverage. There’s a half-zip option for those who like a little more breathability around the neck, and a few different prints to choose from.

Use it for: Layering up on the slopes, or layering under your everyday wear on extra-chilly days.

Available: Both men and women for AU$189.99. Or click here to find the non-zippered option for $179.99.

Mid layer must haves


Our pick: The Merino 560 RealFleece™ Elemental II Long Sleeve Zip Hood

Crafted from 100% Merino wool, this zip-up hoodie is a natural insulator that not only keeps you warm but maintains breathability and helps regulate your temperature.

With the RealFleece™ technology, you get a warm, soft, cosy feel with all the benefits of merino. The added features like a three-piece hood for extra warmth, the zippered alpine hand pockets, articulated sleeves for flexibility, and a drop tail hem for more coverage make this one a practical choice for all kinds of activities.

It’s the dream option for those on-snow days that start off cold but end up getting warm in the sunshine and with the exercise of extra laps. That breathability will keep you feeling good, even when the temperature drops back down.

Use it for: Skiing, cold-weather training, hiking.

Available: Both men and women for AU$439.99.

Top layer must haves

The Merinoloft jacket. Photo: Supplied

Our picks: The MerinoLoft™ Jacket

For those really cold days, you know what the Norwegians say… there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

And it’ll never be a bad day when you have the MerinoLoft™ Jacket to rug up in. Made of a beautiful merino wool lining with a woven cotton shell and a water-repellent finish, this powerhouse of an insulated piece not only keeps you warm but works double-time to keep you dry too.

Other perks include zoned insulation for the perfect balance of warmth and breathability; offset shoulder seams for reducing friction; and front hand pockets for stashing your must-haves. Bonus, that merino lining will regulate your temperature and banish odours. 

Use it for: Skiing (layer it under your shell), hiking (backcountry anyone?), your commute to work when you’re dreaming of the snow…

Available: Both men and women for AU$539.99.

Ready to go shopping for your perfect winter layers? Click here to take a look, and find out more about icebreaker while you’re there.