He’s at it again, everyone’s favourite Aussie teen snowboarder, Valentino Guseli, has been making his mark breaking records.

The back to back Crystal Globe FIS WC winner went sky high in Switzerland, further cementing himself as the total legend we all know he is.

It all went down at the Swatch Nines in Schilthorn when Guseli flew a mammoth 11.5metres high from the hip jump, breaking the old record set by Christian Haller in Italy in 2016.

Valentino Guseli at the Swatch NINES in Schilthorn, Switzerland on April 11 2024 // Theo Acworth / Red Bull Content Pool

“I was just going as big as I could. I’d say it’s the biggest hip I ever hit. And the thing that’s gnarly about it is, when you first hit it, you already have to go big,” said 19 year old Guseli.

Swatch Nines was founded in 2008 as a friendly antagonist to traditional contests by providing unique playgrounds for action sports athletes to progress their skills as safely as possible in a non-competitive setting with filmmakers and photographers capturing unforgettable moments.

Valentino Guseli takes back-to-back overall park and pipe FIS WC Crystal Globe