It’s often said that those who regularly frequent a ski town either have 3 homes or 3 jobs, but they all want the same thing for Christmas, powder. While one may approach the powder with more comfort and all the toys the other knows that gaffer tape can often be the key to happiness when on the slopes.

We’ve curated 12 Christmas gift ideas for your beloved powder hunter from uber budget to those ‘what the’ price tags.

Foil Oro – Nero Skis. $50,000

These jaw-dropping, hand crafted, Italian skis are the most luxurious things you could possibly slide across frozen water on.

– 8000 Year old (no, that’s not a typo) Bog Oak top sheet
– Graphite race nano tech base
– Quadriaxial carbon stripes and;
– 14 karat gold plated bindings, poles and inlays (yes, you read that correctly).

The Foil Oro-Nero’s come with a hand-stitched, Italian leather travel bag and pole grips and are 100% customised to you (of course).


Gaffer Tape. $10-20

You don’t need the most expensive gear to be the best rider (in fact, there is often an inverse correlation). What you do need is to be on the snow as much as possible and gaffer tape will get you there. Fixes torn ski pants, holes in jackets and gloves, busted boot buckles, a wrecked snowboard binding strap and pretty much anything else. Put it in their stocking. They’ll thank you later.


$1,949.99 & ‘Snow’.

What do you do if its dumping and but you are sick or injured? Well, now you can ski right alongside your buddies with the PS4 VR. You can all still exchange epic runs and wicked falls over a few beers at the lodge.
Can’t make the snow this year? Turn the air-conditioning up and get ready to shred, plus, you get to look like this guy.

The Burton Kit. US$39.95

‘If you know what it’s for, you probably need it. If you don’t, you don’t’. Some might not understand, others will think this is the duck’s nuts. Complete with, glame Holder, glass strap, tree such and stabby pokey.

Darn Warm Socks! US$30

Sick of socks, jocks and chocolates for Christmas? Not if you plan on spending it neck deep in powder.
Having cold feet all day is, well it’s pretty crap. Save Christmas (and your ski buddy’s feet) with Darn Tough Socks in Thermolite for warmth and comfort without weight. You can purchase these online in the USA and Canada but if you’re in Australia then you’ll have to go through

Moncler Grenoble Horn Jacket for Him US$2,360

Speaking of staying warm. An $80 jacket I found in a Japanese second hand store has kept me toasty in -20C. But I probably wouldn’t give it to someone to spoil them. So if you’re cashed up and looking to treat your powder companion this Christmas, try this Moncler snowboard jacket on for size.
The “High Performance” snowboard jacket is fully heat welded with “HT In Therm” lining with 120 gram coefficient. Double vent under the arm and on the side with inner elastic mesh protection. Fitted with RECCO® avalanche rescue system receiver in the left sleeve and various other tech options.

Snowboard Addiction Balance Bar. US$79.20

Box, rail and jib game not up to scratch? Off season stealing your gnar? Let Santa help. Train on this bad boy indoors, outdoors and all year round. Depending on how much you like your friend, you may even want to throw in a specialised training board ($169.00).

The One Wheel Personalised Shred Mobile – US$1,499

Don’t let the seasons stop you, shred all year round, even on your way to work! Whether you like to stand front on or side on, the One Wheel has you covered.

PIEPS DSP Sport Avalanche Beacon. US$259

Weather you and your snow buddy are holiday powder hunters or resort locals, this has to be one of the best presents you could get! Heading out in search of freshies can produce unparalleled levels of stoke, but it’s also dangerous. Never go alone and always go prepared.
The Pieps DSP sport is one of the best, most compact and easiest to use beacons on the market with a digital 3-antenna beacon with a wide range and ONE single button for ideal support in every situation. Help keep your loved one safe this season.

Garmin Fenix 3 HR From US$599

For those who love there gadgets and love their stats. This thing tracks ski runs, distance, speed, heart rate, elevation, vertical drop and has auto stop and start when you begin or finish a run. It gives you up to date weather predictions and can even direct you back to base. It’s by no means limited to skiing so you’ll be using this guy all year round. Looks pretty good with a suit too.


That’s a wrap for him. Stand by for her tomorrow.



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