Aspen releases early season trailer

In anticipation of the 2015/16 ski and ride season, premieres the trailer Rejuvenate: Mind Body Spirit, a four episode video series scheduled for release Oct. 6, 2015.

The four episode video series is meant to portray the Aspen Idea, a concept based on the classic Greek philosophy of ‘mind, body, spirit’ that was brought to Aspen in the 1940s by Walter Paepcke and his wife Elizabeth. Peapcke was inspired by Aspen’s natural splendor and envisioned the surrounding peaks and valleys as a place where people could step away from their daily routines and reflect on the beauty of life.

Following in the footsteps of last season’s Mind Body Spirit video series, Rejuvenate is designed to portray the Aspen Idea through the eyes and stories of four remarkable locals: Amanda Boxtel, Chris Klug, Mark Pinter and Pete McBride. Watch as they find solace and meaning on the mountains of Aspen Snowmass.

About the Rejuvenate: Mind Body Spirit Episodes

Episode One: Wander Your Realm
At the age of 24, Amanda Boxtel’s life took a dramatic turn after a spinal cord injury left her unable to walk. Today, she is an inspiration of hope. Watch in Episode One as Amanda Boxtel transcends her everyday experience and enjoys the grace and freedom of skiing across Aspen Snowmass.

Episode Two: Claim Your Moment
In the second episode of the four part video series, former snowboard Olympian and liver transplant survivor, Chris Klug, shares what the mountain means to him—family, friends, and experiencing it all together. See what it’s like to spend a day with Chris and his family on the slopes.

Episode Three: Sharpen Your Senses
Mark Pinter, Aspen Snowmass terrain park builder, doesn’t shy away from big air. Hear his take on what the terrain park crews at Aspen Snowmass are doing to help push mountain sports to the next level.

Episode Four: Own Your Path
National Geographic photographer Pete McBride aims to capture more than moments with his new project. In the last episode of the Rejuvenate video series, watch as he shoots to preserve some of the most important and iconic resources Aspen Snowmass has to offer.

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