Was it too much sugar in the free s’mores at The Montage? Maybe the ski valet didn’t carry their skis to the slopes in the way they thought befit their status? Did a liftie not smile hard enough and say g’day or too much spice in the Turkey chili? 

Whatever it was, the cops were called yesterday on two skiers who got into serious fisticuffs after a lift line scuffle on the swanky slopes of Deer Valley. Seriously? This place is Disneyland for Adults, it’s where you go to de-stress because nothing, repeat nothing, is too much trouble for the service oriented ski resort that prides itself on giving rich people the opportunity to exhale their troubles away. 

Someone forgot to let these two skiers know, as the Park Record newspaper in Park City reports. A fight more worthy of teenagers in a lineup for the last two tickets for a Justin Bieber gig in 2010 than two middle aged men in a lift line for a resort that caps the number of skiers daily.

Apparently one skier blocked the other skier from entering the lift line. He started it. No, he started it. Words were exchanged, tones got nasty and voices raised. Some skiing followed, one shouting at the other down the run, then someone took their skis off and the other tackled him then someone punched the other person.

Ski Patrol got involved then the police. No charges were laid by either party and everyone went for free s’mores at The Montage.

Ok, that last bit didn’t happen. They paid for the s’mores.

Nope, that didn’t happen either.

But the fight definitely happened. Though, no word if lift passes were confiscated. 

Trust me, powder panic is real and it's relative