Nothing ruins a ski day faster than having cold hands – and if your mitts or gloves have ended up wet, there’s little chance of getting back on the slopes, unless you’re ready to spend some quality time with the hand-dryer in the resort bathrooms trying to get them dry again.

It’s important to choose gear that’s going to keep you warm, dry and happy, and good quality is worth the investment, especially as it’ll last for years to come. But it’s not as simple as choosing the first pair of ski gloves you see, as not all gloves are created equal.

We’ve unpacked the techy terms and dived into each type of Gore-Tex (did you know there’s a variety of different Gore-Tex technologies that go way beyond just standard waterproofing?) to figure out exactly which glove might suit you best.

Choose the description that’s best suited to you and go from there.

For those who feel the cold – even when it’s not so cold

If you’re the first to feel it when the temperature drops; if you’re always rubbing your hands together, trying to warm them up, even on bluebird powder days; if you’re constantly telling people to feel how cold your hands are then Gore-warm is for you.

This is like Gore-tex that got wrapped in a heavy-duty winter coat.

Even in the hardiest conditions, the entire system of inner lining, membrance and outer material is optimised to keep your hands warmer for longer.

Go for mitts if you’d like to keep your paws extra toasty, as they keep your fingers together and retain some extra body heat; you’ll sacrifice some dexterity, but many swear by a mitt for warmth purposes, so it’ll all be worth it.

The team at XTM Performance (the official Australian Winter Olympic Team gloves of choice) sells two different kinds of mitts with Gore-warm features along with primaloft insulation technology, so you’ll be best-suited to either of the below.

The Crema Mitt: Rated 10/10 for temperature and 10/10 for waterproofing, this mitt is named after Olympian Katya Crema, so you know it performs where it needs to. Unisex and made from soft goat skin leather. Buy it here.

The Verbier Mitt: Also a 10/10 for temperature and waterpoofing, this unisex baby features a longer cut, along with luxurious leather, a breathable liner, touch screen finger tips and plenty more. Find it here.

For those that feel the heat – even when it’s really cold

XTM gloves
Photo credit: Danii Forde for XTM

On the other end of the scale, you have the people that heat up way too easily, getting the inners of their gloves soaked with the dreaded hand sweats. These are the people who always have their gloves off while they’re on the chairlift, unzipping the vents on their jacket, quickly trying to lower their body temperature after a gnarly or fast run.

This is where you need Gore-active, which is optimized for enhanced breathability. Regardless of how active you’re getting with your skiing and boarding adventures, you’ll be comfortable with a Gore-active glove.

Opt for either of the following:

The Podium glove: For those that want to feel like Olympians, this baby is supremely warm, breathable, waterproof and ergonmic, feeling like a second skin for less fussing around. Nab it here.

The Verbier glove: The pinnacle performance glove with all the bells and whistles, including luxe goat skin leather and touch screen fingertips so you can post envy inducing images on social while riding the pow. Find it here.

For those that need a little extra grip

Gore-grip really takes everything to the next level for those that are looking for performance in their mitt. It offers up a special grip tape between the Gore-Tex insert and the inner lining material to provide a non-slip effect when you’re applying pressure to the outer shell.

The result is a glove that grips everything better – from goggles to ski poles, zippers and bags. Perfect for those that may need to pull things out of pockets or switch out goggle lenses without removing their gloves or mitts.

Don’t go past the Fable by XTM, which comes in a mitt version or a glove version, depending on your personal preference; with short cuffs and flexible goat skin leather outers, they’re fit for the very best athlete.

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