State of disaster extended for alpine regions of Victoria this weekend

The state Premier, Daniel Andrews, has extended Victoria’s first ever state of disaster declared last week. The state of disaster, originally declared for seven days last Thursday, will continue for East Gippsland, north easter Victoria and the Alpine regions for the next two days.

Bushfire activity is likely to increase significantly in the next 48 hours as temperatures and wind rise in the area. Those in the Alpine region and east of Bairnsdale in East Gippsland are urged to leave the area.

Thousands of text messages will be sent today urging those in the fire zones to leave.

There is potential for more pyro cumulonimbus thunder clouds that produce dry lightning that in turn spark more fires. 


“We don’t underestimate it. We don’t lightly extend the state of disaster. We have done it because we believe that it will save lives and that, after all, is the most important thing” said the Premier.

“We can’t guarantee your safety, and we can’t be putting emergency services in harm’s way because people didn’t follow the advice they were given. We are in for some very, very challenging high fire danger weather.”

Victoria currently has 23 fires burning with 13 on watch and act warnings on Emergency Victoria website and via CFA site. Over 240 homes and 335 bout buildings have so far been decimated. 

For up to date information in real time visit the Vic Emergency website.

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