An Easter cocktail recipe from Australia’s best ski hotel

It’s Easter and our social feeds have been flooded with iso baking creations from sticky hot cross buns to frosted Easter cakes. Martha, Nigella and Jamie are alive in everyone else’s kitchens.
Meanwhile, it’s Sunday and you spent hours last night hiding chocolate eggs around the backyard in the hope of keeping junior excited for more than ten minutes.
We reckon you deserve something special for your efforts and it comes with vodka. Yes, you’re welcome.
We asked Australia’s best ski hotel, Astra Falls Creek, to create an Easter cocktail for our readers in isolation around the globe.
This is what Richard, the top shelf mixologist at Astra, came up with.

Astra Chocolata Cocktail

  • 180 ml milk
  • 2 spoonfuls of chocolate sauce (Nutella or bottled chocolate sauce)
  • 30ml Baileys
  • 15ml Vodka
  • 15ml Frangelico
  1. Mix all together in the blender
  2. Garnish the glass with Nutella on the rim of the glass and a few extra drops on the inside of the glass for good measure! 
  3. Pour blended ingredients into a cocktail glass*
  4. Enjoy!!
For an extra twist, pour your drink into an Easter bunny by breaking the top of the rabbit off. Voila, double the chocolate. Don’t forget to eat the chocolate rabbit when you are finished – no wastage allowed.
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