Falls Creek Resort Management have announced an early opening for the mountain bike season this year. The mountain bike park will now open on October 30 instead of the traditional late November.

The record low snow season in 2020 has meant the park trail crew could work overtime to open the trails and could start clearing the fallen trees and debris sooner due to early snow melt.

Blue Dirt Mountain Bike shuttles and resort-based bike hire will open on November 20. In the meantime, riders will need to bring their own bike.

When shuttles do begin, they will do so adhering to COVIDSafe restrictions and bookings will be essential.

The park itself is 40km of world class gravity trails, designed and built by World Trail. It is a showcase of gravity and flow in beautiful alpine terrain.

The trails have been built with the rider in mind. Accessible to both the newest of bikers and the most experienced, all trails start and finish in the resort.

Falls Creek Resort Management, Marketing and Communications Manager, Sarah Watt, also encourages riders to try all Falls Creek has to offer.

‘As well as hitting our world class trails riders can visit Rocky Valley Lake to take in the view of Australia’s highest body of water and enjoy activities such as fishing, swimming or kayaking” says Sarah Watt from Falls Creek Resort Management.

“Go on a hike (or ride) to one of the beautiful alpine huts, enjoy a sunset picnic on Mt.McKay or just spend some time wandering our arts and culture trail.’

Regional Victorians and border residents can visit now and Melbournians from November 9.

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