Imagine skiing down a run straight into a grizzly bear? Don’t laugh it could have happened to you if you were skiing at Lake Louise in Canada this week.

Local grizzly, Olivia, a long time summer resident of the region woke for spring and took a few turns on some ski runs on Tuesday on Pine Cone Way, Wiwaxy and Cameron’s Way.

The resort was shut down for a few hours while she had her fun and skiers and boarders were evacuated via the gondola.

“She was running up and down the runs all over the place having a great time,” said resort spokesperson Dan Markham as reported by CBC news.

Olivia left some impressive footprints too.


Pic from Lake Louise via CBC News
Pic from Lake Louise via CBC News

If you love grizzly bears then follow the Facebook page for Boo Grizzly, the resident grizzly near Kicking Horse ski resort in Canada.

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