After this season most Aussies won’t get out of bed for less than fifty centimetres, so lucky for you that some weather ‘gurus’ are calling for up to that for Wednesday to Sunday this week.

Yes, you read that right. As if over 140 centimetres last week wasn’t enough with the third (though really fourth) Blizzard of Oz, the weather gods are now shining down with snow fall again this week on Australia’s ski resorts.

Of course we can’t guarantee it will be super light and dry last week, it is spring after all, but it will be snow and that’s a good thing still, right? are saying up to 45 centimetres. Though it will start with rain tomorrow before turning to the white stuff. is going conservative with up to 29 centimetres and a higher freezing level than many would like. isn’t so perky, though. A mere 24 centimetres. Phfffft! That’s a shot glass in a season filled with barrels.

If you’re turning to the northern season, never fear, there’s snow forecast for the Utah hills this week, ok, it’s a dusting but it’s still snow. If Canada is more your thing then you can WIN A SKI TRIP FOR TWO TO FERNIE (sorry for the shouting). Enter here.


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