Two of the world’s best big mountain skiers, Elyse Saugstad and Jackie Paaso, reveal some serious comedic talent in the new ski film, Hold My Kid.

The two mothers of one year old toddlers, schlep their skis, kids and husbands to Tahoe, Alaska and Andermatt in the comedic spoof that reveals the struggle of motherhood on the mountain.

The mockumentary premise is simple – two pro skiers in competition to win sponsorship. One is highly competitive and diva like, the other the opposite (or not).

The film is from the team behind “Ski Good, Money Will Come” (Adam Gendle, John Verity, Hersha Patel) so expect comedic ski timing and all round good fun.

The 39 minute film will premiere at Annecy’s High Five Festival on October 1 in France and then online in November.

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