Home exchanges are a new trend for ski holidays on a budget.

As the ski season in Australia and New Zealand comes to an end, snow-lovers are turning to Northern Hemisphere ski resorts to get their next fix. However, soaring accommodation costs in snowy destinations can make a mountain escape at this time of year unattainable for many Aussie travellers.

HomeExchange.com is already popular among families travelling on a budget to a variety of destinations, but many Australians don’t realize it’s a great accommodation option for a ski or snowboard vacation too. It’s yet another example of how the collaborative economy is reaching the mainstream.

Based on the simple concept of ‘you stay in my home whilst I stay in yours’, HomeExchange provides members with the opportunity to trade their homes and reap the benefits of a safe, affordable way to explore the world whilst living like a true local on vacation.

Just as the idea of swapping the summer heat for a winter snow holiday is a novelty for Australians, there are many HomeExchange members from all over the Northern Hemisphere who are hoping to escape the cold and head Down Under this season.

Fancy a trip to California’s Mammoth Mountain? Perhaps to a log cabin in Switzerland? Or how about to a lake-view condo in the Canadian Rockies? Members with homes in these destinations and more are looking for home swap opportunities to Australia this summer.

“The number of HomeExchange.com mountain homes has grown by 36% in two years,” says Keghan Hurst, Director of Global Community. “Sleds, snowboards, skis and snowmobiles often come as part of the exchange, further reducing the hassle and expense of a typical snow holiday,” adds Hurst.

“These freebie extras are the secret ingredients to many a happy home exchange. Our members love the flexibility this brings; the freedom of no rental paperwork and both parties willing and able to avoid peak travel times, tailoring the duration of the stay to their mutual convenience. When you’ve got young children in tow, having a couple of sleds in the house can be the key to a successful and relaxing holiday.”

Sydney-based member, Karen Brading, experienced a snow-covered Christmas in Europe the year before last with her husband and three children.

“The idea of skiing over the Christmas period really appealed to us, so when we were offered a two week exchange in December with a family near the French Alps, we jumped at the chance!” says Karen. “Afterwards, we visited Florence, Italy on a separate exchange. It was a magical trip for the entire family.”

For more information, please visit: www.homeexchange.com/en/ski/


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