Hoshino Resorts are fast cementing their position as the multi-resort ski magnets of Japan.

The company already has dibs on Tomamu and the new NEKOMA (formerly Alts Bandai) with hotels in Asahikawa and various snow prefectures.

Now they’ve added the famed “Jackson Hole of Japan“, Tanigawadake Tenjindaira, to the mix.

This big mountain resort, near Minikami, is mainly known for steep and deep backcountry but with Hoshino Resorts at the helm, infrastructure for the main groomed resort will definitely improve, as has the website which is far more user friendly.

A new summer access road has already been built and this winter will see the re-opening of the Tajirizawa course, a four kilometre run that has been closed for four years and allows skiers and boarders to ski top to bottom.

The company also recently invested in a new chairlift to link Alts Bandai and Nekoma Snow Park to create the new NEKOMA Mountain, also in Honshu.

Tenjindaira: Japan's "sky god treasure room" for big mountain skiers