Lost in ski town translation, funny signs in Japan

Pic by Marlene Kelly.

If you ski or snowboard in Japan you will pee your pants at some of the hilarious ‘Janglish’ (Japan English) signs in the ski resorts. Only please, don’t pee your pants, use the toilet, the seat will be warmed and come with music (we kid you not).

The crew in our Miss Snow It All Japan Deals and Chatter Facebook Group were invited to post their pics of the funniest signs they’ve seen while on snow tour in Japan.

The results are hilarious.

Jeff Ferenczy entered a restaurant and did what he was told.

Pic by Jeff Ferenzcy

Could have been worse, he could have ended up in this restaurant. Not sure how you text your friends where to meet without losing said friends?

Pic by Jesse Forbes

Marlene Kelly wasn’t sure why she came to this restaurant in the first place. What’s left to do, dance? 

Pic by Marlene Kelly

Grant Gossage wasn’t at the restaurant because, well, clearly he was at an orgy during dinner time. Because, you know, no orgies after 10pm and if you’re going to orgy you have to orgy early.

Pic by Grant Gossage

Stuart Smythe posted this one from inside a gondola at a ski resort. Zoom in for the grimace faces on the characters of those without an emergency toilet. 

Pic by Stuart Smythe

But the best are the disaster signs on resort boundaries. No sensitivity is spared and the truth will always out itself in Janglish. Sarah Allen thankfully came back.

pic by Sarah Allen

The blood drop graphics on this winch cat danger sign are akin to rose petals, which is the blood of Disney princesses. 

Pic by Louise Kelly

Is this a haiku? A Hallmark card? The beginning of a Mills and Boon romance novel? Nah, it’s a warning to ski inbounds.

Pic by Michelle Buller

Long time Japanese legend story of the beacon-less skier who haunts cherry blossom season annually. 

pic by Michelle Buhler

This one’s for the sake inhaling bogans who live off chuhai for breakfast, lunch and dinner – a vomit toilet. Thoughtful.

Pic by David Morris

Do you want to tell them, or should I?

David Morris pic.

Is that a baby with headphones with an umbilical chord? Are the drops pee? Are we supposed to look up when urinating? So confused.

pic by Liz Brooker

Would you like some chemicals and antiseptics with your minced arm? Trust us, it will make your cheeks fall down.

Pic by Benny Godfrey

Louding. It’s a verb. Don’t you know?

pic by Matt Collier

We’ll leave you with this because bums are funny, especially when they are bumable. 

pic by Christopher Clark
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