This Japan ski resort is for sale for zero yen – nada, zilch, free!

Fancy being the ruler of your own snow roost in Japan? Nagano City have launched an open call for operators for Iizuna Kogen Ski Resort. 

Yep, they want to transfer it to the private sector and the price is “zero yen or more”. Double yep, you read that right. 

The resort runs at a deficit, for now, and Nagano City is going to withdraw from the operation and offer it up for privatisation. They say the worth of the buildings and lifts is 350 million yen, but they also say the deficit is almost that so, well, it’s free for the hand over. 

Take the leasehold (for nothing) and you’ll have 109 hectares of land, 7 lifts, restaurant and base buildings and more. You may remember the resort from the Nagano 1998 Olympics where freestyle skiing, bobsled and luge events were held. 

Want to know more? Of course you do. You’ll have to track down the people at Nagano City and put your hand up or use Google Translate and check out the original article on FNN Prime  (as reported by Nagano, Explore the Heart of Japan on Facebook).

Good luck parting with, well, nothing. 

You can rent this entire ski resort in Japan for you and your mates

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