A powder photo gallery from the USA that will make you weep

dave pecunies media big sky
Big Sky going off this season already. Pic by Dave Pecunies for Mountain Collective.

Some days you want to sit in the foetal position in the corner and rock back and forth. Unless you were hitting the powder on the weekend just gone, then start rocking because we’ve got a galley of images from around the USA that will send you straight to therapy.

Put simply. The powder train has been chugging through Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Utah and now California for the past few weeks and decided to stay for the first weekend of December. How thoughtful.

We could bore you with stats about the 4 feet of snow (120cms) in California or the almost 3 metres that has fallen since season start in parts of Colorado or the 60 centimetre snow falls in Utah. But you know, we’ll just torture you with a gallery of images instead.

We like to share the love, or rather the pain (and trust us, we feel it too) of seeing everyone else in the powder that is rightfully ours if it wasn’t for that thing called, well, a job.

Let’s kick it off with a video because you can’t touch up a video, well, you can. But who has time? This, dear friends, is Aspen.

Still feeing masochistic? Check these out and either weep into your non existent plane ticket or do something with your life and quit your job and head to the powder fields, stat. 

Still sobbing into my morning coffee, bitter not sweet salty tears. 

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