Amazing backcountry ski rescue caught on film in France

heli rescue france ski
Stock image. Chamonix rescue practice.

A group of six backcountry skiers in France caught the inner workings of a heli rescue on film in the wilds of Chamonix this week.

Nicolas Derely from Grenoble in France was backcountry skiing with five friends in variable conditions when his son, Bruno, fell and injured his leg on a steep slope slide. Lucky for Bruno his father is an experienced ski tourer and lucky for us he also had a phone to capture the heli rescue on.

There’s a reason you need solid backcountry ski travel insurance, and this is it. The rescue by PGHM Chamonix is truly impressive and professional.

If you’ve ever wondered how they get injured skiers off backcountry mountain faces. Watch and learn. 

The helicopter rescue begins

The on mountain medical attention 

Helicopter rescue complete

Get well soon Bruno!

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