If you haven’t heard, Australia’s ski season launches this Saturday.

If you also haven’t heard, it’s rather warm. Despite early snow falls in May, June has come in hot and the only snow anyone will be skiing or riding on, if at all, will be man made and most likely at Mt Buller.

There is snow on the way but it’s not the mega La Nina opener of 2022. Still, there’s plenty of good humour and fun to be had if you know where to look.

It’s early days and all we need is one good storm to get the season rolling. Which will come.

So far, Thredbo has come out with an hilarious announcement video revealing the lifts will not be turning.

Thredbo’s Opening Weekend party schedule is packed if you managed to score an exclusive invite or bought yourself some tickets to events. Looooong lunch, anyone?

Meanwhile Selwyn Snow Resort can’t get a break and has also announced no skiing for the first week of the season. But they will be opening the nw Visitor’s Centre.

This is the first year the resort has been able to open since burning to the ground in the 2020 bushires. Read our feature on the struggle in our free 84 page snow e-mag here. 

Mt Buller assures us that the plan is to open the Bourke Street Express (6 seater), Bourke Street carpet for beginner lessons and Northside Express (quad from the day car park up to Spurs Café) for sightseeing. They, too, have a huge opening weekend event schedule, so there is that.

As for Hotham, Falls Creek and Perisher? No news from them just yet.

But given Perisher’s annual desire to be first cab off the rank with opening, we won’t be surprised if they push some man made snow around and create a single run and, just quietly, we are soooo here for that.

Watch this space.

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