Smart snow helmet that films, tracks, communicates and shares

Forcite Alpine launches on Kickstarter, the world’s first smart helmet for snow sports which films, tracks, communicates and shares in one.

The idea is simple. Love snowsports, but hate carrying a tonne of gear? Action cameras, UHF radio, headphones, and GPS trackers – setting it up slows you down.

Forcite Alpine packs all the tech you need in a sleek, lightweight, design. No clip ons, clasps or annoying buttons. Just grab the helmet and go. A smart helmet designed to capture everything, whilst you just enjoy the snow.

Co-Founder Alfred Boyadgis said, “Forcite Alpine will change the way we share and communicate in action sports forever. No more clip-ons or cables. Our team have made the lightest, most powerful smart helmet in sports today. One that let’s people enjoy the snow, whilst all your high intensity moments are captured and shared in a simple automated way”.

Having tested working prototypes in the snowfields of Australia and New Zealand, the Forcite Team are looking to raise $200,000 through Kickstarter, before going into production. Forcite will fulfil orders and hit the slopes in January 2016.

Watch the video and follow the Kickstarter campaign here.

What can Forcite Alpine do?

Unlike anything before, Forcite Alpine will film your tricks, your bails and every transition down the moutain with an ultra-high definition 4k camera, discreetly positioned within the front on the helmet.

Forcite Alpine will capture every extreme moment – even if you didn’t – with Highlights Reel. A specially designed piece of software that automatically sets markers in your video feed when you hit top speed, get airtime and or make sharp transitions. Simply hit generate, and the helmet will package together a randomised highlights video to share those awesome moments on social media, whilst you’re still on the mountain.

A multitude of sensors, powered by our EON microcomputer, will track your speed, altitude, distance, airtime and points of interest. Compare and compete with mates on the Forcite app.

Tired of shouting across the snow and seeing your friends disappear down the wrong track? The Forcite Alpine can set up communication helmet to helmet of up to 200 meters in distance (218 yards) in a group of four people. Never carve alone. Give your mates a heads up for upcoming jumps, ice, or the best fresh powder just around the corner

You can also take calls without having to take out your phone. The Forcite Alpine can forward calls straight from your smartphone into the communications system.


EON Explained

Everyone hates bulky helmets. Forcite Alpine has a low profile and a slim fit. All that tech is tightly packed in to a sleek looking design. Working within a small space, the Forcite team has built the powerful, but tiny EON micro-computer. EON contains a 2.4Ghz Quad core computing systemwith; Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi capability, micro SD port and sensors to keep pace with your lines. All within the size of a pack of playing cards and battery power of up to 8 hours.

Full on protection

You go to extremes, so do we. The Forcite Alpine smart helmet is rigorously trialled and tested to meet global safety standards. All helmets shipped will be standards approved for alpine sports and airborne sports.

Smash your helmet? No problem. Forcite Alpine is the only smart helmet designed to be modular. Send it back to the Forcite Team for a quick, cheap and fuss free repair service.

RRP: $799, with limited 250 early bird RRP: $649

Colours: Available in Matte Black, Metallic Black and Matte White.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large.

Shipping: Comes with free international-shipping, customs duties and taxes not included.

Whats in the Box: Receive one Forcite Alpine smart helmet, micro USB cable, Forcite branded silk carry bag and the Forcite Alpine user manual.

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  1. great idea but too expensive. In the end it’s just a camera on a helmet. & why are gopro’s so expensive ? They are just a camera.


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