Gimme gimme $6000 now to purchase this super swanky snow cat limo so I can arrive at my ski resort of choice in retro style.

Let’s open a caddy ski operation for rev heads with this sv 250 bombardier snow cat bred with a 1989 caddy stretch limo.

What genius thought this up after too much BC weed? Genius, because they actually went through with it and created it.

Kudos to them. Now I want to get me a bedazzled trucker cap and some fat skis on the roof and take it down Telluride Main Street. 

Though that could be hard because according to the ad on Craig’s List it’s sitting somewhere in North Vancouver waiting for mamma to take it home.

Not sure if it’s in working order as the ad simply says “it was last used 2 years ago.” Maybe just the once, for a wedding, right?

So, go on, show me the money and we’ll find out.


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