On a scale of one to ten we’d say Australian skiers and boarders are sitting on a 15 with excitement as the mega snow storm arrives.

Talk of the mega storm hitting the Australian slopes this week and the follow up storm to hit again next week has most of us hitting refresh on the snow cams of our favourite resorts like a Gaga addict on ticket release day.

Lucky for us both @foncfly and @mt_buller on Instagram caught the beginning of the blizzard to end all blizzards, the blizzard that just keeps on giving, snowmaggedan, snowpocalypse, oh you get the drift (see what I did there).

Now, I am about as patient as a labrador at dinner time and like a labrador am scratching at the door to get out and play in the powder currently falling from the sky.

But alas, we must wait. It could be days before this storm clears to reveal the goodness it has hopefully left behind.

We’re not talking just any goodness either, record breaking goodness if the snow forecasters are right. Over a metre to turn this little old El Nino, global warmed sub tropical winter on it’s high temperature head. Take that you crazy mofo.

Did I mention I am not breathing? I wrote those five paragraphs while holding my breathe.

So let’s take a moment for calm people. Before I present you with a gallery of images of what has landed so far in the past few hours alone.

Hysteria always prevails.


In the days ahead remember to breathe, people, breathe.

And for gods sake don’t let the dog out until the storm has passed.

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