SnowsBest + @misssnowitall featured on your favourite snow podcasts

Rachael Oakes-Ash aka @misssnowitall loves a chat so it’s no surprise her career history features radio.

As a ski journo she is regularly featured on the snow world’s favourite podcasts which we’ve listed below. We’ll also update this page with new podcasts as they are recorded.

AND we’ve launched our own SnowsBest podcast 2022/2023.

The SnowsBest Podcast 2022

Our first episode features Janina Kuzma, Taylor Rapley, Kate Blamey and Britt Cox as we discuss fear on and off the mountain. Supported by The North Face.

The Ski Podcast 2022

British journo Iain Martin has almost 100 episodes under his Ski Podcast belt. The leading podcast in the Europe skiing scene.

Loving the Snowlife 2021

Ski instructors Emma Wilson and Tennille Southcombe live for snow, they have their own snow travel agency and have 50 odd podcasts under their snow belt.

TellMeWhere2Go 2021

TellMeWhere2Go is a travel industry staple, interviewing those who know, understand and live travel.

The Ski Podcast 2020

More goodness from Iain Martin, this time during Covid.

Mountain Cosmos 2020

Rouchelle Gilmour divides her time between the southern and northern hemisphere in search of powder. Her Mountain Cosmos podcast interviews those who have the same bug.

Head Ovary Heels 2017

A podcast dedicated to women in business, any business, just women’s business.


Want more? Check out @misssnowitall on her personal ElephantTruths blog site.


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