Aussie snowboarder, Andy James, is officially on The North Face Australia and New Zealand athlete team.

The creative boarder is already known on the Jindabyne snowboard scene and with The North Face behind him is hoping to cement a solid reputation.

“Andy James’ style and drive are unmatchable, and his commitment to community and snowboarding culture ensures his positive impact is felt across the entire industry,” said Sarah Hunt, Head of Marketing for The North Face Austalia and New Zealand.

“Andy’s passion for snowboarding and enthusiasm to work as part of a team makes him the perfect addition to the squad.”

Raised in the southeast suburbs of Melbourne, Andy first tried snowboarding at the age of 14 and admits it wasn’t love at first sight. In fact, he contemplated switching to skiing right then and there.

Thankfully he persevered, and when the structure of university life became too monotonous, Andy tapped into his creative side and let snowboarding lead the way forward.

Andy James. Photo credit: Theo Acworth

Andy has been a part of world-renowned jam-style competitions including Holy Bowly, Bush Doof and Superpark and has featured in countless video parts filmed all over the globe.

His impact on the scene extends beyond the fluidity of his riding. His commitment to the snowboarding community and the next generation of riders is a major part of his passion, and there’s no doubt he will continue to make a significant impact on the culture of Australian snowboarding.

“Being part of The North Face gives me the freedom to grow with snowboarding and be creative with that direction,” said Andy.

“Being part of a brand that supports different aspects of snowboarding is special, as it connects people and supports the culture positively, so I am hyped to be a part of that.”

Andy recently travelled to Innsbruck to partake in the CSTL Jam, presented by Monster Energy. The annual core snowboarding event, a unique street jam, breaks the boundaries of traditional competition and showcases the true spirit of creativity and community.

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