You’d have to be living off grid for the past decade not to have heard about the health and recovery benefits of hot and cold plunge therapy.

Elite athletes, Winter Olympians, cross-fitters, influencers, Harry Styles, Lizzo, does anyone not enjoy the uplifting high of soaking the body in water as cold as Antarctica?

Glad we’ve got that sorted, because Perisher is home to a new recovery suite to make the most of your ski days. Recovery is vital to ensuring you can ski longer and harder day after day so if you’re planning on skiing this season then you might want to recover well too.

The crew at The Snowy Mountain Spa in The Man from Snowy River Hotel have opened the doors this winter on the ultimate recovery den for private or group use. It may even help you ski/board faster.

Expect a four person Infrared Sauna designed to boost circulation, flush out toxins, improve cardiovascular function and just give you that sweaty glow that says “do you even sauna?”

The Odin Dual Ice Bath is an all in one cedar ice bath to improve workout recovery, speed healing and ease joint pain and you’ll find this in the recovery suite too. There’s even an Odin Hot Plunge to relax the nervous system.

Did we mention Compression therapy? Used by elite athletes around the world, NormaTec compression boots are the latest advancement in muscle recovery. Said to mobilise fluid, increase circulation and get your legs ready for your next ski day.

Add the AI Massage Chair and the Recovery Suite is complete.

How do you get in on this action? The Recovery Suite is available to book per person. If you would like exclusive use of the entire Recovery Suite it is available for private bookings. Book for four individuals and receive 60 minutes private and exclusive use of the facility for your group or family (the Recovery Suite can accommodate up to 6 guests).

How much? $189 for 60 minutes or $756 for a private group for 60 minutes. There’s even a season pass for $1099 so you can recover all season long.

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