These kids range from four years of age to thirteen years old and most of them could beat you down the hill, cane you in the terrain park and put the fear of god into you in the backcountry.

This Burton sponsored rider is five, yes five.

Bailey is four #thatisall

This ripping skier is four years old. Just saying.

Here she is a year later.

This terrain park guy is only twelve years old. You won’t believe me till you see for yourself.

Who can forget this classic Warren Miller segment on kids, kids, kids or rather super kids.

Do you know any ripping kids that leave you for dead on the mountain?

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  1. Bailey actually turned eight last month, and it looks like she may have fallen victim to pushy sports parent syndrome. There was big talk a few years ago about her being a future Olympic contender, and she landed an impressive list of sponsors at the time including Spy, Roxy and Ride – but after the 2012 season, she completely vanished off the radar. She started racing snowmobiles in 2012, so maybe that’s what she’s doing? Or perhaps she’s just living the life of your average anonymous kid? That’d be nice.


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