It’s safe to say that Australian entrepreneur Rob Joseph is pretty stoked right now after the world’s best snowboarder, Travis Rice, chose to compete in the Natural Selection tour at Revelstoke today using Joseph’s A2 Anti Ordinary brain protection.

The Natural Selection Tour snowboard competition combines freestyle tricks and artistry in the world’s top big mountain destinations with the world’s top athletes.

Word is that Red Bull athlete Rice, who has over 30 Grand Slam snowboard titles, discovered the A2 Anti Ordinary helmet purchasing the product online.

Clearly impressed with the fit of the EN1077 and ASTM F2040 safety certified A2, Rice and Red Bull then ensured the “beanie helmet” could be adapted to feature Red Bull’s logos.

“We were obviously thrilled to discover Travis Rice had found our Anti Ordinary brain protection, then totally blown away that he wanted to use it in competition with Red Bull for the Natural Selection tour,” says Joseph.

“When the best in the world protects his head with your A2, you know you’re doing something right. “



After securing $650,000 in seed funding for Anti-Ordinary last year, the Brisbane bred entrepreneur was able to bring the updated A2 version of the Anti-Ordinary helmet to market. With over seven years of research and development, the A2 helmet features a Dynamic Frame of 80 + parts to ensure a system that fits, flexes and moulds to any head shape.

The outer frame is comprised of seven polycarbonate, and two carbon fibre segments. These sections are fastened by slotted backing plates that retain rivets. The interaction of the rivets, slotted plates, carbon and polycarb segments allow the entire frame to shapeshift around every headshape.

With the beanie outer layer the A2 also has the ability to then swap 12 outer colours so you can change up your on mountain style,

The new A2 design is thinner and lighter than the original design first launched by the company and performs up to 39.4% better than competitors on the industry standard drop tests for helmets.

When Travis Rice, who uses his noggin in extreme conditions, chooses your helmet on a world stage then you know good things are ahead for your brand.

Watch this space.

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