It took 42 attempts but Swedish skier, Jesper Tjäder successfully skied the world’s first open loop rail in Åre, Sweden earlier this year.

Featuring a three meter gap at the apex, the open loop challenges conventional skiing techniques in a significant evolution of Slopestyle skiing.

The 29 year old Olympic bronze Slopestyle medalist and X Games gold medalist is known for pushing the boundaries of skiing with tens of millions of viewers on his Unrailistic videos, inspiring the Red Bull Unrailistic competition on April 26 with Tom Wallisch, Mathilde German and Henrik Harlaut.

“I’ve been thinking about this open loop ever since I attempted the regular one. It feels fantastic to finally have completed it,” said Tjäder.

“It was both easier and harder than I thought. I didn’t expect to slide out so many times on the landing, so that was the toughest part. But at the same time, I came close many times. It’s hard to say, each attempt was a unique feeling.”

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