You know those extreme ski videos filled with ski pros acting all uber cool and skiing stuff the average person couldn’t even get to? Yeah, well this isn’t one of them.

Alex Davey and and his girlfriend Lulu Freedman hit Hokkaido in Japan this season and Davey (who happens to be a professional cameraman and director) threw together some footage of what it is really like to go on holiday to ski and ride powder in Japan.

You know, like, if you weren’t a gangster ski pro.

No sponsors, no helicopters, no logos. Just powder that’s easy to get to and let’s you float like an angel.

Oh, and a big budget car tow in.


Be warned, this is the kind of edit that finds you in your lounge room clicking your heels together three times wishing you were in Japan, wishing you were in Japan, wishing you were in Japan.

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