All you need to build your own retro ski resort at home

I just lost 10 minutes of my life dreaming about setting up my own ski resort on the cheap when I discovered this.

A resort boneyard website making ski resort dreams  a reality, if you’re prepared to put in some serious work. Think of it as eBay for resort tragics and snow dreamers.

You can score all manner of retro chairlifts with towers, groomers, snow cats and more. They’ve all been pre loved, very pre loved, but you have to start somewhere, right?

Imagine your own snow cat to go cat skiing on your Colorado acreage (because we all have Colorado acreage). This 1972 Thiokol IMP S/N T4C0975 with blade is up for grabs for a mere US$12 000. It’s not just any cat either, it’s a celebrity cat that featured in the 1982 film “the Thing”. I know, pinch me.

Personally I’d put multi colored lights in those high beamers on the roof and a pumping stereo inside.

snow catThis 1993 Leitner Gondola would suit any mid century cabin on that acreage we talked about. You’ll have to pay to get it over from Europe but at Euro 765 000 it’s a steal.

The gondola comes with 32 cabins you could fit out with different themes (Pink Panthur in one, Bond in the other, disco, fluro, take your pic) and 10 towers to keep them moving. I’d buy it just to have the control room, it’s pure Houston we have a problem.

You’ll need a car to drive around this acreage of yours so why not a Humvee? Pure class. This 1995 Humvee H1 is also on the Resort Boneyard website, a ‘civilian version of the military model’ (what, it has no guns?).  It’s yours for US $35 000.

I got to thinking about backyard snow making for those with smaller acreage (like a quarter of an acre) and I stumbled on this Snow at Home site so you can set up a mini snow making site.

Then I went right down the rabbit hole and ended up at Jibs for Cribs where you can purchase rails, boxes and all manner of terrain park contraptions. You could even have a neighbourhood X Games. Bags be Chloe Kim! Though looking at this box, I reckon a tressel table from K Mart might do the same trick.

Rachael Oakes-Ash is the name behind @misssnowitall and the founder of A long time travel and lifestyle journalist and ski writer, she's been published in ESPN, TIME, Wallpaper*, Action Asia, Inside Sport, Australian Financial Review, Emirates Open Skies, Conde Nast Traveler and more. She was the Fairfax snow blogger from 2007 to 2017 and the Southern Hemisphere editor for OnTheSnow. Rachael is also a documentary producer, author, radio announcer and humorist.

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